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Speaking of Legionella
Dr. Janet Stout and Frank Sidari are available to speak at conferences, staff trainings, and other events. To make a request, please download the speaking event questionnaire PDF.  We will contact you upon reciept of your information. Question?  Contact us.

Legionella Guidelines

In the absence of a cohesive national approach to prevention, professional organizations have produced their own standards and creating new ones due to the increased cases of Legionnaires' disease. SPL developed the first U.S. guideline in 1993 that continues to serve as a national and international model for prevention. 

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  • Legionella Testing: Dispelling Myths and Misinformation
  • Legionella In My Water: History and Path to Prevention (AWWA WQTC, November 2014)
  • Legionella: Today's Standard Care and What Your Facility Plan Should Include (Midwest Healthcare Engineering Conference)
  • Legionella: How to Protect Yourself and Your Clients (AWT 2014)
  • Field evaluation of a new point-of-use faucet filter for preventing exposure to Legionella and other waterborne pathogens in health care facilities
  • Fundamentals for Legionella Water Safety
  • Legionella Testing: The Key to Legionnaires' Disease Prevention
  • The Relationship between HPC, ATP, and Legionella in Building and Cooling Tower Water Samples
  • Evaluation of a New Monochloramine Generation System for Controlling Legionella in Building Hot Water Systems
  • Legionella and Waterborne Pathogens: What's in Your Reclaimed Water?


Ask Dr. Janet

From Legionella testing to prevention strategies, Dr. Stout answers frequently asked questions. 

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For extensive FAQs and publications, visit SPL's educational website legionella.org

Speaking request for Dr. Janet Stout and Frank Sidari

To request Dr. Janet Stout or Frank Sidari to speak at your conference or to schedule a staff training, please download the speaking event questionnaire PDF. Questions? Contact jhorsch@specialpathogenslab.com.