The sample volume is 500 ml and should be collected as follows:

  1. Complete the Chain of Custody form
  2. Use waterproof pen to label bottle with sample location, description, and date.
  3. Turn on hot water and immediately fill the bottle (500ml).  Close bottle and invert to mix neutralizer.
  4. Place bottles in box with insulated liner.

Sample Transport

  1. Ship the same day samples are collected for receipt in laboratory within 30 hours of collection. The time from sample collection to analysis should not exceed 30 minutes.
  2. Place bottles in box with insulated liner.
  3. Place completed Chain of Custody form in plastic document holder and pack in box.
  4. Ship overnight Monday–Thursday only to: Special Pathogens Laboratory, 1401 Forbes Avenue, Suite 401, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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