Special Pathogens Laboratory provides a cohesive strategy to detect, control, and remediate Legionella and waterborne pathogens. We provide quality microbiology services, risk assessments, evidence-based research, education, and expert consultation to healthcare, hospitality, and water treatment industries, and other sectors with large building water systems. 

Founded by Drs. Janet E. Stout and Victor L. Yu, world-renowned experts in Legionnaires' disease, SPL gives you a proactive approach that has been proven to prevent Legionnaires' disease. Our team of microbiologists with specialized knowledge in Legionella from more than 30 years of experience and applied research give you accurate and reliable test results. Our strategies and solutions are evidence-based.

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  • Legionella and waterborne testing and other laboratory services 
  • Access to The Legionella Experts® for consultation
  • Risk assessments, outbreak response, water safety plans, and engineering design review
  • Research, product evaluation, field trials
  • Resources, education and training
  • Speaking engagements