Special Pathogens Laboratory sets the bar for Legionella testing. Our testing methods are the only ones validated in prospective studies that correlate disease risk with the extent of environmental contamination (Stout et al. Infection Control Hospital Epidemiology 2007; 28:818-824). No other Legionella testing laboratory can make this claim. Our emphasis on scientific validation and evidence-based medicine separates us from other “experts” and laboratories. 

In the 25 years SPL was housed at the Pittsburgh VA we became internationally recognized as a Legionella reference center and provided Legionella testing for the national VA system and other hospitals across the United States. Since 1981, SPL researchers have conducted seminal research in Legionella testing, diagnosis and treatment, including:

  • developing methods for Legionella detection and identification, including the formulation of selective differential media for culture isolation of Legionella (used nationally),

  • new Legionella diagnostic tests, 

  • participated in the development of new antimicrobial therapies for Legionnaires’ disease.