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Waterborne, Summer 2017 

  • CMS Requirements 
  • Why Legionella CFUs Not a Factor in Outbreak Investigations
  • Cooling Tower Maintenance
  • Legionella dumoffii

Waterborne, Spring - Summer 2016

  • Legionella Testing Gets Its Due
  • Flint Michigan: Lessons Learned
  • SPL Receives ELAP Approval from NDOH
  • New Senior Vice President of Business Development
  • Legionella sainthelensi
  • 40 Years after Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak: Radio Times Interview with Dr. Janet Stout 

Waterborne, Fall 2015

  • EPA Takes on Secondary Disinfection for Legionella Control 
  • Preventing NTM Infections from Heater-Cooler Devices 
  • Legal Ramifications of ANSI / ASHRAE 188 
  • Legionella bozemanii  
  • Public Comment on NYC Cooling Tower Regulations  
  • Legionella Tests 101 and 401
  • SPL Tough: Cody Newsome

Waterborne, Spring 2015

  • Secondary Disinfection Regulations Coming
  • Ask Dr. Janet: Is Shere a Standard Method for Legionella Testing?
  • No Punitive Damages for Hotel with Outbreak
  • Legionella rubrilucens
  • Engineering Notes from the Field: 5 Steps to Manage Legionella Risk at Cooling Tower Start Up
  • PCR: Bad News Good News

Waterborne, Winter 2015

  • Legionella Environmental Testing: 30% Explained
  • Other Legionella Species Not Predictors of Presence of LP1
  • Assessing Risk: Nonpathogenic Legionella Species
  • Other Waterborne Pathogens: Roseomonas
  • Engineering Notes from the Field: Plumbing Effects Efficacy of Secondary Disinfection

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